Power Vinyasa

Designed to cultivate strength, endurance, and flexibility in the body as well as the mind, this class incorporates a thoughtful sequence of sun salutations, standing and seated postures, backbends, and inversions all guided by your steady breath. You will release tension at a deep level from the tissues, organs, and joints and strengthen and stretch the musculature to effectively move the body away from small pains and illness toward balance. Observe the mind, explore movement, experience the breath, find stillness, and sweeten the heart.

Although this class may challenge you, the Yoga student is encouraged to drop competitiveness, judgment, and force. The intention is to create a healthy, strong body and mind with joy, compassion, and peace. Come to this class after a long week to let go and play. Leave feeling refreshed and enlivened.

This class tends to be on the spicy side, but will be modified with respect for each individual student’s needs, rhythms and reasons. No experience necessary, injuries accommodated, people with varying levels of ability and pregnant mamas welcome!





About Sara

With respect to those teachers who have walked the path before her, Sara offers Yoga Therapy and Thai Yoga Massage with compassion and care. She loves exploring the wonder of movement, Yoga, and meditation as pathways to knowing ourselves more completely. Sara earned a B. A. in Contemplative Psychology with an emphasis in Somatics from Naropa University and has professional training and certification in Yoga, Thai Yoga Massage, and Ayurveda. Practicing Yoga since 1993, and teaching since 2000, she draws from her many years of experience to meet the client where they are with awareness. Sara blends the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Thai Medicine, and Yoga with contemporary movement arts, a loving touch, and deep respect for the wisdom of the body. She currently lives in Oakland where she studies Ayurveda at the Vedika Gurukula with Shunya Pratichi Mathur. She is the happy mama of a sweet-faced child and married to a long-legged man she adores. When she is not doing Yoga things, you’ll find her in the kitchen. Sara believes food is medicine and lovingly nourishes those who sit at her table.

This class is at BORP, near Ashby BART, Berkeley California.

Bay Area Outreach & Recreation Program (BORP) is a non-profit organization working to improve the health, independence and social integration of people with physical disabilities through sports, fitness and recreation programs. At BORP, we believe that sports and recreation provide a path to greater achievement to which all people should have access, and we continually strive to make this a reality.

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