What is This Contemplative Life?

This Contemplative Life is an emerging source of news and opinion dedicated to bringing health alternatives to the mainstream:Exploring health of the individual, health of the community and health of the planet. We bring a contemplative approach to current issues and age-old questions. Discussion encouraged.

Penelope Sands

Founder, This Contemplative Life

Variously described as writer, meditator, contemplative psychology student, designer, cook… ‘opinionated’ and ‘loquacious’, Penelope Sands enjoys variety and a good conversation. She is dedicated to creating healing for herself, others and for the planet. On this website, she contemplates¬† health and well-being, Dharma and psychology plus random topics of interest gleaned from voracious reading habits. Its all connected, she says. She hopes this forum will be a good one to share ideas between intelligent, kind people all over the world (starting with her friends). She divides her time between Berkeley, California, Boulder, Colorado and her first home, Sydney, Australia.

Sean Scullion
Managing Editor, Site Architect

As a glutton for health and technology, Sean has taken the leap into web magazines with high hopes of helping at least one sentient being in the process.