This is from Dr Claudia Welch, East/West doctor and overall wise woman. I recommend reading the full article in her blog (link below). I absolutely agree with her!

My sister, the beautiful & talented Brodie Welch, LAc. of Corvallis, Oregon, had this facebook entry today: “could it be that the difference between enduring my life and celebrating it moment by moment is as simple as getting enough sleep?


We spend nourishment on moving around, working, thinking, worrying, being awake. We receive it through food, drink, fresh air and SLEEP. It doesn’t work well for our bodies or minds to outspend our resources. So it’s kind of simple. We have 2 choices: spend less of our resources or get more. When we have trouble finding ways to spend less—that is, slow down & relax, we can increase our resources by eating or drinking more nourishing food or (non-alcoholic) drink (which is sometimes hard to digest), breathing more fresh air or sleeping more. There are other options too, but these are the basics.

click here for the full article: Sleep. The great equalizer. « Dr. Claudia Welch.