— Kenneth Gronbjerg November 17, 2011

A holistic and most outrageous concept being turned into reality in Denmark.

From: Sepp Holzer’s Permakultur, Leopold Stocker Verlag, 2008

Fresh is the concept for an organic, living supermarket in cities and villages, where instead of taking the items off the shelf, the customer harvests the produce directly from raised beds!

It is a system that works with nature rather than against it.

By harvesting, the customer contributes to the work of producing to such a large extent that the produce can be offered at a never before seen quality and price. It’s almost for free. This is what you may call a win win win situation!

see the full article with more pictures: FRESH – World’s Wildest Supermarket Permaculture Research Institute.


Artists impression of the new supermarket veggie aisle!