Another interesting article on essential fatty acids (Omega 3s and 6s) pointing out once again how absolutely essential Omega 3s are for brain function and for reproduction (especially in women). It describes why we need more Omega 3s and less Omega 6s: How the 6s in the diet (from high quality cold pressed almond oil to nasty blended inedible vegetable oil in fast food and processed foods) undermine the health if people eat alot of it (as is typical in this culture).

 “Unfortunately, another kind of omega fat that also comes from the diet, omega-6, uses the same chemical machinery as omega-3; so large amounts of omega-6 in our diet can decrease the level of omega-3 in our bodies  So we suspected that while eating plenty of omega-3 fats might increase children’s mental abilities, having a lot of omega-6 could have the opposite effect.”


Here is a brief summary quote. Click on the link for the full article describing the research and implications for kids’ and women’s health especially.

“Together with many others, our study supports the idea that dietary and body fat have special significance for women.  This issue is critical now because of the large and ever-increasing amounts of soybean and corn oil in the American diet, oils that are very high in omega-6 and low in omega-3.  Not only are most processed foods laden with corn and soybean oil, but large amounts of corn are also fed to cattle and poultry.  Given this food-production system, the potential harmful effects highlighted in our study are probably all around us. “

Hey Kids, Eat Yourselves Smart!Can certain foods help children think better?

Published on December 1, 2011 in Psychology Today by Will Lassek, M.D. in Why Women Need Fat

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