OK here is a quick link to the place I have been going for Salt Therapy (for my eczema) Its run by a Registered Nurse from Finland, Katya and I am impressed with her evidence based, medical approach.


From their home page:

Salt therapy is an all-natural, centuries-old therapeutic treatment that has been used to relieve stress and treat many respiratory and dermatological conditions. Spas and resorts in Europe have utilised salt treatments (‘halotherapy’) for more than 150 years. Salt therapy treatments have been proven suitable for all age groups and can assist the management of a wide variety of medical conditions.

Salt therapy treatments have been shown to have beneficial effects for clients with:


chronic Bronchitis

sinus infection

COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease)

cystic fibrosis


ear infections

various acute or chronic respiratory diseases

smoker’s cough

viral infections, cold and flu


acute and chronic ear/nose/throat illnesses

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties of salt have also been shown to assist with the treatment of:




common rashes

Salt (NaCl) is essential for lung function. Chronic diseases cause the level of NaCl on the surface of the respiratory tract to diminish. The release of NaC1 in the air during salt therapy treatments helps prevent this and can provide some relief of respiratory ailments including symptoms of cystic fibrosis and other similar conditions;

Salt therapy is suitable and recommended for athletes who are dependent on their pulmonary (lungs) health and need to stay in peak condition;

Salt therapy is also an effective treatment for encouraging relaxation. Salt Therapy Rooms create an environment that is heavily infused with negative ions, like those that are found by the sea and in forests. There is indication that salt therapy increases the serotonin levels, helping clients to relax and in turn feel more energised and positive.

If you are feeling anxious, stressed, tired or depressed, salt treatment may be the therapy you require.

How does it work?

A typical salt room treatment session lasts 40 minutes (with a reduced time for children). Depending on the age of the client and the nature of the illness, the number of visits required varies from 4-15 visits.

Salt therapy is delivered simply. Clients sit in a room where the walls and inner surfaces are coated with a deep layer of pure salt, creating strong negative ionization in the air. The environment is relaxing and encourages clients to breathe calmly and deeply, inhaling the extremely fine pharmaceutical salt. As the session continues, a salt generator blows fine pure salt (NaCl) particles in the air (approximately 20mg/m3). The salt is crushed just before the treatment to a very fine powder (less than 5um particles). These tiny pure salt particles are easily inhaled and absorbed into the skin.

After the treatment the room is completely vented and purified before the next treatment goes ahead.

Benefits of Salt Therapy

Benefits of salt therapy include:

reduced inflammation of the respiratory tract and sinuses, and enhanced capacity of the lung’s (alveoli) to normalise;

enhanced release of mucus and phlegm;

reduced fluid build-ups and decreased inflammation of the respiratory tract;

reduced the micro-organisms (bacteria) that attach to alveoli;

enhanced production of immunoglobulin (antibodies);

enhanced breathing in the short term including at night, helping to provide an improved quality of sleep;

reduced need for high levels of asthma and allergy medication in some cases;

Our health care professionals will ensure that maximum therapeutic benefits from our treatments are realised. However, in extenuating circumstances or if in doubt consultation with a medical practitioner will be required.



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