More interesting research into soy products. Unfortunately the journalist has not been clear in distinguishing tempeh which is fermented soy and tofu, which is not. This backs up my belief that soy is not a healthy food product unless it has been fermented like Tamari, miso and tempeh and natto.


“Eating tofu and other soy foods may lead to memory loss, but one soy product may have the reverse effect, a British study has found.The study by researchers at Loughborough University and the University of Oxford examined the effects of soy consumption in 719 Indonesian people, between the ages of 52 and 98, and found that those who ate large amounts of tofu experienced higher rates of memory loss.Researchers point to phytoestrogens in soy as a possible cause. The micronutrient may have a negative effect on patients older than 65, “for whom it could heighten risk of dementia and lower memory function,” lead researcher Eef Hogervorst said in a statement.While phytoestrogens in some soy products are thought by researchers to be linked to memory loss, tempeh – another type of fermented soy product – was found to do exactly the opposite. Tempeh soy products contain folate, known to reduce dementia risk, and may not have the same suspected degenerative effects as other soy products. The full study is to be published later this month.”

read the whole article: Tofu, other soy products linked to memory loss – The Globe and Mail.