I have been wondering about pesticide residues in Australian veggies and fruit. This is from Friends of the Earth. The worst news is that nobody is testing widely or regularly. Organic veggies are hard to find and expensive. Especially compared to California.

Here is the FoE Article excerpt. Link below to the whole thing.


Friends of the Earth also researched recently published scientific reports regarding health effects of pesticides, particularly on children younger than seven years of age.

“OP pesticides have been linked with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, learning and behavioural problems in children including lower IQ’s,” Mr Amis said.“

Also of concern was that of the 125 pesticides detected on Australian produce, 45 per cent are suspected endocrine disruptors.“

A number of health problems are associated with endocrine disrupting chemicals, including lowered fertility, abnormal genitals in baby boys and decreased sperm counts in men” said Mr Amis.“Long term exposure to pesticides has also been linked with some cancers and Parkinsons Disease”.“

Alarmingly, the impacts of endocrine disrupting chemicals, can be greatest at very low levels, lower than the levels commonly regarded as being safe by regulatory agencies.“This is one of the regulatory systems greatest failings” said Mr Amis

Mr Amis added that for these reasons Friends of the Earth recommended that shoppers buy organic food where possible.

via FoE report reveals pesticides residues in food | Eco News.