“We could ask ourselves, ‘How do we move beyond a point of self-hatred?’ And the answer is just so simple: it’s by surrendering. And what do we have to surrender to? We have to surrender to our bodies. Our body always, always tells us what it needs, what we need. The whole Vajrayana path is about learning to receive what the body is asking of us. And we have to surrender over and over and over, because we have these emotional agendas that are mental. And out of our fear we override the body constantly. We don’t listen. Or we know what the body is saying and we still override it out of our own anxiety.

“So we actually have the teacher that we need already; a teacher that is 100% accurate. Through Vajrayana practice the body’s messages become clearer and clearer. The Vajrayana is about embodying; healing the split between mind and body so that our ego is in the service of what the body tells us that it needs.” — Reggie Ray