Great article from NPR on indoor air pollution in home kitchens and how many range hoods work at about 15% effectiveness.


Meanwhile, for we home cooks, Logue has a few tips. She says use the highest fan setting on the range hood and put pots and pans on the back burners. That’s where hoods capture the most pollutants. Simple changes, but effective ones, Logue says. The hard part is remembering them.

Cooking Tips

— Always turn your fan on

— Cook on the back burners

— Use highest fan setting

— Clean grease traps periodically

— If you don’t have a hood, open windows

Tips For Buying A New Range Hood

— Look for one that covers the entire stovetop

— It should move 200 cubic feet of air per minute, certified by the Home Ventilating Institute

— Choose a noise rating of 3 sones or less for a quieter fan

— Choose a hood shape with a hollow space underneath for collecting fumes

Source: Lawrence Berkeley Lab

Article and audio: Fixing Stove Hoods To Keep Pollution Out Of The Kitchen : The Salt : NPR.