I like to offer a variety of resources for healthy nutrition and wellbeing and here is my first piece form a Hip Hip artist. It’s good stuff and applicable to anyone who wants to eat more plant based healthy food on a budget. You don’t have to live in the ‘hood. I’m reposting it from the blog, Plant Based on A Budget. I got it from my IIN health coach Alexandra Di Filippo…

In the work I do in promoting holistic health and fitness through the RBG FIT CLUB, I have run into the following sentiment more than a few times: “I want to eat healthier but it’s too expensive!”. Many people are interested in ways to upgrade their diet without breaking their bank. Well, I can dig it. And since I been striving to sustain the healthy grind in my life personally since way back in the food stamp days, I think I may have a few tips to share.

via “7 Ways to Eat Good on a Hood Budget” by Stic of Dead Prez | Plant Based on a Budget.