“This collection of evidence has lead many researchers and medical professionals to postulate that a leaky gut is a prerequisite for autoimmune disease to develop…. but this research shows something altogether more intriguing: that once the immune system develops the ability to attack tissues of the body, the gut is the first victim.”

For me personally, I’m really starting to understand the impact of leaky gut. Lara Briden, my ND stated last year that EVERYBODY with AI has leaky gut. I didn’t quite believe her and it blew my mind but it’s starting to sink in. And the Fact that Dr Chris Reading’s diet is so similar to the autoimmune protocols from the Paleo people (the good ones Like Chris Kresser, Jaminet and Jaminet and this Paleo Mom) is really amazing and encouraging to me.

Which comes first: the leaky gut or the dysfunctional immune system? – The Paleo Mom.