Here is a thorough article about how attachment styles we establish (outside our implicit memory, i.e. we are not aware of it)affects all our relations hips int he future and what we can do to become securely attached (if we were insecure) and build resilience regardless of attachment style or personal history. It was published in 2008, only 8 years after the relevant research in neuroscience was published and we are now another 8 years into the field. Nonetheless it’s a great foundational piece, shared by Diane Poole Heller.

[first presented as a Clinical Conversation at the Community Institute for Psychotherapy, Fall 2008] © Linda Graham, MFT It’s fascinating to learn what’s happening in our brains as we feel accepted or rejected by people closest to us or important … Continue reading →

Source: The Neuroscience of Attachment – Linda Graham, MFT, Resources for Recovering ResilienceLinda Graham, MFT, Resources for Recovering Resilience