Source: Combined role of vitamin D status and CYP24A1 in the transition to systemic lupus erythematosus. – PubMed – NCBI

From Dr Donald Thomas:
Do you know someone who is ANA positive and does not have lupus? Do you know family members of people who have lupus? They should consider having their vitamin D level checked and taking life long vitamin D supplements if they are deficient.
These researchers showed that people who have a particular gene called CYP24A1 allele (esp if they have two of them) are at much higher risk for developing lupus when they are vitamin D deficient. Concentrate on the middle graph in the picture. Those who had 2 alleles (which increases the risk for lupus) were almost 5 times more likely to develop lupus when they were vitamin D deficient!
Vitamin D is essential for the immune system to work properly. Studies show that simply being low in vitamin D causes immune abnormalities that we see in lupus.
In my practice, I aim for a vitamin D level of around 40 ng/mL based upon a study at Johns Hopkins that showed this to be an optimal goal to decrease lupus disease activity.
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by Donald Thomas, MD