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“When you enter the freeze response, you appear still and unmoving but your internal experience is far from still; the exterior stillness masks a state of internal chaos. The unconscious mind, nervous system and body in general are being flooded with too much information and become overwhelmed. It’s like having insane jumping beans and fires and fire engines and a circus that all just kind of glom together internally to create a feeling of confusion, overwhelm and cacophony.

If the amount of chaos becomes too high, it can create a sense of static or unreadable data.

At the same time this confusing mess is going on on the inside, on the outside you are like a frozen lake – completely still. This is because the overwhelming nature of whatever is being triggered flatlines the computer; it freezes the computer. If you’ve ever experienced your computer freezing, it’s usually after opening too many programs that consume more memory than the system can handle. Every new action adds a greater burden which requires more actions to resolve which then add even greater burdens until everything freezes and you see a blue screen. There is a point in immobility where the chaos cannot be felt because the system has become too burdened until there is a collapse – and at this point you yourself have become the blue screen of death.”

Source: The 8-Step Immobility Healing Exercise – How To Turn Immobility into a Door to Healing Past Trauma – The Art of Healing Trauma