I began my journey into resolving the mechanism by which particular dietary components trigger her autistic traits. I realised that for people to accept and benefit from it, resolving the mechanism was vital. Without that, it simply sounds too implausible and to be honest, I can completely relate to that – I was and am an anti-snake-oil person. I have always needed evidence and understanding before I can accept something.


But what separates me from most now is that I have been humbled by what I have seen with my own eyes. I had been quite arrogant in my scientific surety of what were well-established facts. Now I like to check the quality of the facts presented in the published literature myself – what was the sample size, what methods were used to collect and analyse the data, where are the gaps in the study that might mean the researcher overlooked something important?

Source: Paleo Britain | The Effect of Diet on Autistic Symptoms