Here is a lovely article by Merce Cunningham, described by Tricycle Magazine as America’s pre-eminent choreographer. He describes his special arrangements for preparing and eating his version of macrobiotic meals in hotel rooms while flying around the world on aeroplanes. I am reminded of driving from Boulder, Colorado to the Bay Area of San Francisco with my dear friend Amara and cooking khichadi, the wonderful Ayurvedic staple along the way. For info on Ayurveda, I recommend Claudia Welch’s site

Its delightfully illustrated by Lois Long. I’m not sure when this piece was written but I’m guessing it was awhile back, looking at his list of shops (eg Whole Foods).

Read the whole article at Tricycle Magazine by clicking here:

How to Cook a Macrobiotic Meal in a Hotel Room | Tricycle.

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