“How do we stay with something that is emotionally triggering when we just want to run away? How can we work with something that is so painful we just want to shut down and move opposite the incoming energy?”

Here is a blog from Prison Dharma Network, a woman participating in their Path of Freedom training. This one is in a prison, not online. I am thinking of doing the next (online) training. Coming from the same Dharma lineage as the practice and study I have been doing with Pema Chodron, i.e. Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Path of Freedom (PoF) was created by Fleet Maull and Prison Dharma Network (PDN) and works with this question that is fundamental to everybody’s life: How do we stay with something that triggers us when we want to run away, turn away, block it out numb out or hold on for dear life?

Click here for the full blog post: When You Wanna Run, Stay! – Prison Dharma Network.


PDN describes the POF training here:

The Path of Freedom (PoF) program is a mindfulness-based, cognitive-behavioral, and integral approach to self-transformation, personal development, and leadership capacity for at-risk and incarcerated youth and adults. The program was adapted in part from the Peacemaker Institute’s Integral Peacemaker Training program and has received very positive reviews from experts in the corrections field.

PoF participants study mindfulness meditation, nonviolent communication, conflict resolution, and various resourcing and emotional intelligence skills grounded in the context of mindfulness-awareness practice. The program is presented in a nonsectarian manner and is open to participants of any faith and/or those who do not identify with a particular faith tradition. The participants develop greater self-awareness, improved impulse control, greater social awareness and relationship, communication and leadership skills that will give them a new vision for their lives and how they could contribute to their communities.