This was published in Psychology Today in 2004. Its a good brief overview of why so many people continue to seek homeopathic treatment despite the ongoing opposition to it by medical professionals, skeptics and opinionated onlookers. Just this month the Swiss Government published its extensive review of homeopathic medicine to decide whether to continue funding it through their helthcare/insurance system. They have decided it is effective, safe and although there are problems associated with evaluating it in the same manner as other systems of medicine (ie randomised trials for specific diagnosis cohort) there is enough evidence to ascertain its effectiveness and they will continue to fund it.

The Strange Case of Homeopathy 

By Michael Castleman, published on March 01, 2004 – last reviewed on July 02, 2010

Homeopathy defies the laws of science, not to mention common sense. But rigorous studies show it just may work.

In a German trial, a homeopathic treatment for vertigo outperformed the pharmaceutical remedy; at Harvard, subjects with mild brain injury showed significantly greater improvement with a homeopathic treatment than with a placebo. And homeopathic remedies have been found to augment conventional treatments, as well. In the case of infectious diarrhea, a University of Washington study found that children given the standard rehydration fluid containing water, sugar and salt, plus a homeopathic remedy, recovered after two and a half days—a day and a half earlier than those who received just the rehydration fluid.

Read the full article here: The Strange Case of Homeopathy | Psychology Today.




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