More from those brilliant people at the Human Food Project” (Aka, Human Gut Project) who are looking at the Human microbiome


“I recently posted a scatter plot (below) on Facebook/Twitter of preliminary metadata that we are accumulating as part of the American Gut project – which includes, among other things, a questionnaire of 50 + questions and a 7 day food journal. Plotting participants self-reported height, weight, and 7 days of dietary info (recorded using an online calorie counter), we can plot low carb percentage of daily calories from fat (all sources) against body mass index (BMI) – which we calculate from the height and weight of the participant. While the data is of the dreaded self-reported kind, the lack of any significant correlation between % of daily calories from fat and BMI, is still very interesting (note even if you remove the various obvious outliers, the correlation – or lack of – is the same). In other words, as fat goes up in the diet, BMI does not per se. (Note we just started sequencing poo samples. Will be able to see how the metadata correlates with the microbial data in a few months – stay tuned…”

continued at: Sorry low carbers, your microbiome is just not that into you – Human Food Project.


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