Ignore the irrelevant part about “calories”. This is really interesting and makes absolute sense to me. As I have changed my diet over the years to manage autoimmune disease and even recently when I went on a very strict regime with nothing that anyone would think was fun food, I am getting clear satisfaction and even joy out of my very boring daily breakfast. It totally makes sense to me that I have retrained my brain (accidentally) and I am getting all the dopamine reward I need from my ultra boring restricted diet that I would have got form cooked cheese and gluten in my distant past. Without the hangover or cravings or horrible symptoms.

“Perhaps it is no surprise that scientists have finally demonstrated what many of us have already intuitively discovered… By making conscious lifestyle choices, it is possible to ‘train’ your brain to crave healthy foods instead of junk foods!”

Source: Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Choices May Actually Re-Program Your Brain, According to a New Study | The Mind Unleashed