After the advent of this miracle in our lives—asthma virtually cured in one 50-minute session—I have learned that our experience is far from unique. Dr. Madrid and his colleagues have been quietly helping to relieve the suffering of many children with asthma using this technique for the last 30 years. Since he discovered the efficacy of MIB therapy in treating pediatric asthma, Dr. Madrid has researched the connection and published several studies. He and other researchers have found that between 70 percent and 80 percent of the children with asthma enrolled in studies had experienced one or more of the circumstances that often lead to a break in maternal-infant bonding. He has also shown that among these children, almost all of those under the age of nine get better when their mothers go through the MIB process. For older children, the results were less dramatic, although many experienced measurable improvement.

Source: Bonding Therapy for Asthma – Mothering