by Sally Adee

After trying it myself, I have different questions. To make you understand, I am going to tell you how it felt. The experience wasn’t simply about the easy pleasure of undeserved expertise. For me, it was a near-spiritual experience. When a nice neuroscientist named Michael Weisend put the electrodes on me, what defined the experience was not feeling smarter or learning faster: The thing that made the earth drop out from under my feet was that for the first time in my life, everything in my head finally shut up.

The experiment I underwent was accelerated marksmanship training, using a training simulation that the military uses. I spent a few hours learning how to shoot a modified M4 close-range assault rifle, first without tDCS and then with. Without it I was terrible, and when you’re terrible at something, all you can do is obsess about how terrible you are. And how much you want to stop doing the thing you are terrible at.

Then this happened…

Here is the rest of the article: How electrical brain stimulation can change the way we think – The Week.

And here is the full article in New Scientist



  1. I think that is a biofeedback system, not really measuring brainwaves, measuring the lapping on the shore, so to speak.

  2. OK, so the article is about stimulating the brain using electrodes. The system you have posted about is biofeedback (I think) which gives an indication of how the body is responding to whats going on in the nervous system eg muscle tension, temperature etc.

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